Brick Preservation and Restoration for the 21st Century

Brick is a wonderful material and looks fantastic. It combines the best of Britain's and Irelands building heritage from Victorian times, through the Industrial revolution and perhaps reached its peak with the Georgian period. While an extremely versatile product brick has a few inherent flaws. A Brick Wall or Facade acts like a gigantic sponge which will happily soak any precipitation that mother nature or mankind throws at it.

London University's Residents Block Protected with Faceal Oleo

Faceal Oleo Brick Wall Protection is Guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years

Water ingress is hugely problematic for brick and over time due to freeze thaw action, heating and contraction, Ultra Violet ageing from the sun, salt ingress,  the brick will slowly and imperceptibly disintegrate. You only have to look at many of our old brick buildings to see the ageing effects. Cracks on the brick, edges flaking away, mortar joints crumbling, its not a pretty picture at best and can be hugely expensive and time consuming to repair at worst.

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FACEAL OLEO AND  FACEAL OLEO HD are not low strength DIY coatings - they are the full strength industrial versions used to protect Railway Stations, Park’s Sports Complexes, Football Stadia around Europe.
Some Reference projects:


New Opera House, Oslo, Norway -50,000m2 of granite paving protected


London University Buildings


Lilien - Carre Shopping Centre in Weisbaden Germany has its surface protected with Faceal Oleo.


European Headquarters of Intersport in Berne Switzerland.